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Boiler Repairs in Fulham

EBRL West London is a boiler repairing company in Fulham. Be it an emergency boiler breakdown or your boiler is leaking, we are always here to help you. We have a team of professional boiler repairing engineers who are available for your service round the clock. A boiler is as good as any other appliance in your home, and we understand how important it is to keep it running throughout. Our engineers are capable of fixing any boiler model or even get your boiler replaced as needed. We are dedicated to best customer service, so give us a call whenever you need.

Professional Boiler Repair and Service | Fulham SW6

Having heating and hot water is essential to modern living, so if your boiler isn't functioning properly you need look no further than our experts in boiler repair and service. Our team of Gas Safe Engineers is equipped with the most up-to-date information and technology - this ensures that any issue is diagnosed quickly and efficiently before the problem escalates. We provide a precise and calculated service designed to have your heating and hot water back up and running right away. All you need to do is give us a call and we'll send out an engineer who will get everything sorted with minimal disruption or delay.

Gas & Water Leak Repairs | Trustworthy Plumbers | Great Services in Fulham

If you ever notice your plumbing and heating system not responding, it is important to give your engineer a call. We as renowned plumbers and heating engineers in Fulham, can give you a prompt service fr the same. Be it water leaking or your broken boiler, we can fix your boiler in no time. Water leaking issues could cause your boiler faulty, arising from damaged seal or pipe. It is recommended to fix your boiler fast to avoid further severe damage.

Vaillant Boiler Repair by Expert Heating Engineers | SW6 

We are expert in repairing Vaillant Boilers for Fulham households. To get your central heating system up and running only a few steps has to be followed. Our engineers are gas safe registered and we pride ourselves in giving you peace of mind by following the repairing steps. These steps include diagnosing the fault and then we conduct repair or replacement accordingly. Contact us now for a free quote.

Worcester Boiler Repair in Fulham | Great Plumbing Service

In a particular situation like boiler breakdown, our experts assist you with best boiler services in SW6 area for your Worcester Bosch boilers. We ensure that the plumbing services we provide are of highest standards and meet national norms. Our engineers provide Worcester boiler repair Fulham for commercial and residential properties. We are available round the clock and therefore don't hesitate to call us any time needed.

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Friendly Boiler Installation Services by Heating Engineers in Fulham

We provide a wide range of boiler installation services in Fulham. Our engineers are accredited by Gas Safe and also approved by major gas boiler trade bodies. We also provide a warranty with boiler installation which gives you coverage for a faulty boiler. Our experienced engineers carry out the boiler installation job for all type of boiler. They have a friendly code of conduct and also clear the queries that you have. So if you have to install a new boiler in Fulham, we are always here to help.

Boiler Services in Fulham

If you need local boiler repairing service for any boiler type, EBRL West London is the company to call. Our team of heating engineers Fulham will arrive on time and look up to the issues of your boiler from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our experience and goodwill regarding central heating installation and services. Therefore if you are looking for boiler servicing engineers, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Annual Boiler Services | Reliable Plumbers | Fulham

Boiler is one of the most important appliance n Greater London and in entire UK. It is very inconvenient if your is broken and you are not getting hot water. Therefore a regular yearly check up for your boiler is always a good idea, especially if you have an old boiler. EBRL West London is your trustworthy plumbers in this regard. Our gas safe engineers go through all possible issues in your heating system and look for any early signs of trouble and solve them. They can prescribe you to invest in a newer model if needed.

Common Boiler Problems & Boiler Faults

  • Going out of Pilot Light is a very common boiler fault which you can face. This mainly occurs when the flame is blown out or something built up near the gas nozzle. Another reason could be a broken thermocouple. A broken thermocouple which is removing the gas supply and blocking the free passage stops the gas supply to the pilot light which makes the light go out.
  • Another very common problem that your boiler can face is making different noises. If your boiler system gets air in it then the boiler can make whistling, gurgling or banging noise. Noises can also occur with a failing pump or low water pressure.
  • One of another very common boiler issue is failing to heat the water. This happens when certain boiler parts like radiator is faulty. The main remedy for this issue is replacement of the respective part.
  • Causes for leaking boiler can vary as per the site of leaking. Corrosion can cause your boiler to leak water.
  • Cold radiators are also one common cause of faulty boiler. If air gets in the central heating system, the radiators warm partially or stops working.
  • Kettling boiler is also an issue. Corroded pipework can cause sludge to gather in the system which restricts water flow and produce kettling sound.
  • Non responsive thermostat.
  • When your condensate pipe freezes, it might make noise and indicate fault codes in majority of boiler.
  • Your boiler system can keep getting switched off. The reasons could be low water pressure, thermostat is losing accuracy, water leak in the system and several others.

When do pressure relief valve needs replaced in boiler?

It is important check the boiler pressure relief valve in a regular interval. After the prescribed time of 3-5 years, it should be replaced. If you notice your boiler is leaking and calling for repair repeatedly, it could also mean that the pressure relief valve should be changed.

What to do in a Boiler Emergency?

If you face a boiler emergency, the first thing to do is switching it off. A variety of issues can cause emergency situation hence it is recommended to book your boiler engineer for help.

What causes broken diaphragms and airlocks?

In the process of heating the water, vapour is formed. Excess amount of water vapour in the system is a common cause of airlocks. This stops the flow of hot water to the radiator as the air in the system creates blockage.

What is the common reason for a loss of pressure in boiler?

A leak is detected from the radiator valves or components of the boiler system is the most common cause of losing pressure.

Is your boiler acting up?

You're not alone; most households experience boiler breaking down due to aging, general wear and tear, or lack of proper maintenance. If your boiler isn't working right or you're considering a replacement before it turns cold outside, now might be time to invest in plumbing and gas services. Expert plumbers can help with everything from correctly installing a boiler to properly testing the accuracy of your heating system. Don't let yourself freeze this season - seek out reputable plumbers and get your boiler back in shape!

The Best Vaillant Boiler Repair Services in Fulham in The UK


Boiler Installation

We guarantee same-day boiler installation services with the help of the best Vaillant Advanced Installers.

Emergency Services

We offer 24/7 Emergency Services that can make you feel comforted when your boiler breaks down. We put them right. 

Gas Safe

Our gas-safe engineers guarantee 100% gas safety whenever your boiler requires gas-safe repairs. We do things right! 

Emergency Plumbing

Our plumbers have the capability to repair all plumbing defects that you may require at your place. Reach us for help!   

Heating Services

Our expertise In HVAC services has top knowledge in all the heating services. We work to perfection every time you need. 

Boiler Repair

We service and repair all types of boilers that our bona fide customers would use across Fulham. Our serve 24/7 basis!

Love From Clients

  • I used this company twice now,always on time,and have done a great job,quite affordable too.Well recommended.


    I am so happy to have had the opportunity to met Yassin as he came out to look and assess the shoddy work that was done by a previous engineer.

    Jeniva Bell

  • don't know where we would be without EBRL plumber team! they have taken care of our rental properties for 2 years and by far the best tradesmen ive ever worked with! highly recommend

    Marjorie Friedel

    Very friendly, very professional- I have called to fit a new radiator and washing machine and both times have been very happy with the results! Absolutely would recommend!

    Alex Schmidt

  • Professional in his work and astonishing service. With no doubts, I would recommend to anyone. Thank you again for fixing my boiler!

    Sam Turner

    Yassin was really helpful and clear. He explained how to fix our boiler issue of it happens again. Thanks Yassi for the great service

    John Dabrega

  • Needed a technician on short notice, and Yasin turned up within 2 hours and fixed our problem! Great service! Highly recommended

    Stanislas De Friedel

    Gas Engineer was very helpful and did a perfect job with my Vaillant boiler installation. I would highly recommend EBRL.

    Bianca Thomas

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